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Black Jack Game Rule


Every player has to play independently against the dealer. The round starts by receiving two cards from the dealer. You have to evaluate your hand and place a bet in the betting box on the blackjack table or just on a regular table. Cards can be dealt face up or faces down, it doesn’t matter and depends on the rules of some casino’s, at home you can decide yourself.

Card values:
The normal cards go from 2 to 10 and count for their own value. The jack, queen and king count as a ten. When you have an ace, you can count it as a 1 or 11.


After receiving his initial two cards, the player has four standard options: he can "Hit," "Stand," "Double Down," or "Split a pair."

  • Hit: The player gets another card
  • Stand: the player doesn’t want anymore cards
  • Double down: the player may on the first two cards call double down. Then he will double his bet and receives a card with face down.
  • Split a pair: When the first two cards of the player are two cards of the same value (pair), then he puts an equal bet to the betting box and the play will continue with two hands in stead of one.


The player has to receive a higher value of cards then the dealer but may not go higher then 21. When the value is higher then 21, you’re busted. When your value of cards is higher then the value of the dealer, you won the bet. The game continues until you want to stop or when you’re out of chips.

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