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Patience Solitaire Game Rule


Solitaire or patience is played with a single deck of 52 cards. You must lay down seven columns, the first stack of cards is one card, and the second stack will exist of 2 cards and so on till the 7th stack that will have 7 cards. The top card of every column can be turned over. All the remaining cards can be placed in front of you in a pile.


  1. Now the game will start by flipping over 3 cards from the pile of remaining cards. When that 3rd card suits to a card that is laid in the 7 columns you may lay it down on that card. But on a red card, you can only lay down black cards and on a black card you may only lay down red cards. You can only go lower then the card that is already laid down.
  2. The Aces of hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds can be placed at the top of the table, above your 7 columns. When you have a card that follows on your aces piles you may lay it down on it.
  3. You can continue by turning over your 3 cards until you can’t lay down cards anymore. Then you have to start again.


You win or end the game, when all cards can be laid down on the aces piles that you have made during the game.

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