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601 Eagle set
601 Eagle Playing card is a popular playing card brand that is popular amongst the Chinese baccarat players who are very dedicated to traditional brands in Singapore. Previously produced for the Singaporean company Eadida Trading Co. Pte Ltd, now Cartamundi buys the brand and distribute it themselves through their sales office in Singapore. With this take-over Cartamundi wants to further extend Eagle’s market share by exploring other market segments and by introducing it in other parts of South-East Asia. Already since many years the 601 Eagle playing cards are produced by Cartamundi at their factory in Turnhout.
A glimpse of the past
The eagle picture of the brand originated from Belgium. It was originally designed for a company called Van Genechten, a playing card producer, in particular for the use on Chinese playing cards. The eagle picture also represents the company logo of Can Genechten. In 1970, Van Genechten and Brepols were joined and Cartamundi was born. In the early 1970s, Malaya Trading Co, an agency in Singapore and South-East Asia came to an agreement with Cartamundi to import and distribute playing cards in Asia. For their new brand name, they chose the eagle, which belonged to the Cartamundi and 601 as an Asian custom of having numbers in brand names. Therefore, the brand 601 Eagle was created and registered by the Malaya Trading Co, which then changed the name to Eadida Trading Co. Pte. Ltd.

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